Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates on My Kami Lu...

Getting Ready For the Demo Derby:)

First Summer Swim DAY!! YaY~

Finally Crawling In May!!

~Wraping UP Jordyn's 1st Year of Dance Class~


Logan Dance Competition

Christmas Recital

Summit County Fair Talent Show


Summit County Fair

Last year when Jordyn turned 3 years old I promised her that I would let her take dance lessons. She started the first of June 2008, She was always really excited to go to practices because she was able to play with friends. That was more fun then actually learning the dances!! So when it came to recital time we really didn't know what to expect?? The first recital was at the Summit County Fair Talent Show. During that performance she had the whole crowd totally laughing while she was picking her wedgies!! Next was the Raging Waters Performance, It was extremely HOT that morning and if anyone really knows Jordyn.... she does not handle being overly HOT!! She did a little bit of the dance but after a few minutes she was done and ready to get off the stage. Then to finish off the Summer she preformed at the Summit County Fair. She done really good on the first dance but when it came to the second she decided that picking bugs off the stage was more fun. Totally Funny!! But by the end of the Summer I wondered if maybe I should pull her out and wait until she was 4 years old. We talked it through and after a extreme Jordyn fit I decided why not it's only 30 dollars a month:) They started learning some new dances for the fall and practiced really really hard. Christmas recital came around and they had a partner dance Her and Hallie Judd were partners. While they were doing there twirls the two girls fell and ended up on the floor. Poor Hallie got embarrassed and was really upset. I felt really bad!! But not much will upset Jordy so she just stood there with a confused look on her face... I debated and debated on the competitions that they were competing in this Spring, but since they were dancing a partner dance I decided to do it. Surprisingly enough she made a complete turn around.. She was the cutest little dance ever!!! We are so so PROUD of our Dancing Diva!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~~Photo Shoot with Jordy and Kami~~

There are way too many favorites!! But here are a few!! I love them Thanks Roxann:)!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~Sneak Peek~

Hi Everyone... Last weekend I had KandidKaptures take pictures of my little girlys They are SO SO Cute!! She has posted a few... You can link onto her blog from Mine!! Thanks Roxann~!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Happy Easter~

Holidays are always busy for us... Breakfast here Dinner there... But it is a great way to spend time with the people that you LOVE!!! Happy Easter Everyone~!

Birthday Girl!!

Jodyn's Birthday is always super fun but it falls on Easter week every year so it is always busy. We had a lot of fun coloring eggs with her cousins, and Jordyn is always spoiled to death!! Thanks Everyone! XOXO